Every year for our anniversary, we set out for a great camping adventure - doesn't matter where really, just as long as it involves a tent, the mountains, and the two of us!  So this year we decided to head over to Linville Gorge area and camp at the Linville Falls Campground off the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The first day was relaxing - we set up camp and took a hike to the upper levels of Linville.  Nothing spectacular as far as the shooting goes, but a so-so day outside is worth the greatest day inside at work!  And it was a great start to our vacation.  We also managed to get a wonderful little campsite that was right next to an open meadow and the Linville River. 



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Me and my wife Kate have always been the adventurous type. Back in our days, we would always go to different places, try different things and meet different people. I remembered going to Disneyland with her and we had so much fun. We also went to Universal Studios, those were indeed great times. Now, I'm planning on taking her to a camping trip, just like you guys did. I hope she likes it. I just want her to be happy, that's all I have ever wanted.

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