PictureCattle Egret at La Chua Trail
For our next birding trip, we decided to go back to a reliable birding and wildlife place - Payne's Prairie in Gainesville, Florida.  In addition to birds, they also have a herd of bison as well as a herd of wild horses.  We didn't see either on this trip (but we really weren't looking for them, so not too disappointed there).  We did spot a few new birds and got some better shots of some of the ones we already had.  On this trip, I did get to add a White Crowned Sparrow to my life list, so this is starting out to be a great birding year.  Maybe this year I'll practice that patience and sit quietly for hours waiting for the birds so I can get those rare ones or that perfect shot of the ones I may already have - naaaahhh!  Not happening yet - maybe next time.  I can only sit still for 20 minutes and then it's off to the next spot.  Maybe when I retire :)



I remember Biology lessons at school where we tried to watch and make researches on animals and plants. Later we stop doing it but when I was in Great Britain I found out that there are a lot of bird migrants waiting for a next season to fly further. My friends and I began watching them and I have to say it was cool! We saw many interesting habits and bird behaviour and all of them I described at my site.


Well, patience is a virtue. Sometimes we just have to wait to get something we want. Something good happens when we learn how to wait, because we cannot everything we want so fast or immediately. Just like in hunting for birds to take a picture of it. We have to wait for it to calm down and also find the perfect angle to take a great picture. Birds are majestic and there are a lot of kinds of birds. Patience will always pay off.

07/20/2017 6:38am

Very nice blog for birds lovers. Will visit again and again to read about many birds.

12/04/2017 10:48am

Birding trip will always be a wonderful experience everyone is dreaming to have. I've been to Florida but failed to search for an expert to accompany me with this trip. But I don't want to capture all these birds, I just want to see them flying and be able to differentiate all their physical features. It's quite plain that you didn't see a lot of kinds of birds. But I also believe that Crowned Sparrow is really a charmer.

09/01/2017 12:55am

cool birds

11/03/2017 12:11pm

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12/26/2017 10:09am

North Carolina Trailing Team go on various trips and then share their memories with us. I think there are not much such sites that provides information about the trips/journey. Recently they make a plan for Birding Trip. When they go on trip, of-course they have seen many birds. But the bird that touch their heart was Payne's Prairie. Therefore, they have their memories about that birds.


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