My husband and I started this year out the same way we have for the last couple of years - hitting the birding hotspots in Florida.  The upgraded website ebird.org is an absolute must for any birder.  We always hit their site before we take off to see what we might spot.  I had been hearing about Snowy Owl spottings recently in Florida at Little Talbot Island.  According to bioligist with Cornnel, this could be the largest migration south for these birds in the last thirty years.  We may never get another opportunity, so we decided to see if we could spot one.  We got there right as the park was opening, and went straight to the dunes identified on ebird as the site of the sightings and sure enough - we sited it!!  Very exciting!  Okay, you get the picutre.  We shared the dunes with several other early morning photographers - all of us staying well back from the owl to ensure she wasn't disturbed.  After that, we took a few more shots of others shore birds, then decided to hit Ft. Clinch State Park,  Once again, we hit the bird jackpot - someone had seen a Harlequin Duck which was another species we'd never seen.  We did manage to spot it with the help of a very nice fella with a scope, but it was too far away for the shots to show anything.  I did manage though to capture a Black Scoter - again a new species for me. 



08/29/2016 3:55pm

The snowy owl is typically found in the northern circumpolar region, where it makes its summer home north of latitude 60° north. However, it is a particularly nomadic bird, and because population fluctuations in its prey species can force it to relocate, it has been known to breed at more southerly latitudes.

08/24/2017 8:00pm

So you and your husband are into bird sightings? That's very cool, I must say! I haven't seen an actual owl my entire life. I have been into them ever since I get to watch Harry Potter series. They are one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life. I do love how they look at you like they have actually seen something inside your soul. I hope I will be able to see one someday.

09/01/2017 4:48am

What about this year? Is it successful for you now?


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