View near Locust Knob
I decided to take off today to get a great start to the Labor Day weekend (and it's dear hubby's birthday weekend so I had to start the celebration a little early).  Once Rich got off work (well - one of us had to start the celebration early - unfortunately it wasn't birthday guy!!) we headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to check out the section that they just reopened from road repairs and to do part of the Mountain to Sea Trail.  We started from the Graybeard Overlook and headed Northeast towards Glassmine Falls.  The trail had tons of blueberries and blackberries so we picked our way towards Locust Knob, sampling the berries along the way.  The hike was fairly easy, but overgrown in certain parts with some stinging nettle.  We past a few very nice potential campsites along the way, and finally came to a great view across the blueberry bushes.  By this time it was close to 6:00 and we had dinner waiting on us back at the house, so we went back the same route to the overlook and headed for home.  A great start to the weekend!



05/19/2015 3:09am

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10/06/2017 10:59pm

It's a different feeling when you get the chance to go out with your loved ones. Hiking may not be my think but it wills always be part of the list I like to do! Cindy, I wanted to tell you that you are living your life perfectly. Finding a way to seize life is the most perfect life to do. I"m looking forward to hike soon and I am hoping that my friends would accompany me to do that! By the way, your posts make me happy. So, keep up spreading good vibes to everyone!

11/09/2017 1:49pm

Why didn't you shared about labor day and how would you spend it with your colleagues and co-workers. I would appreciate your efforts to create such a friendly atmosphere.

12/25/2017 9:04am

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01/02/2018 12:55pm

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01/17/2018 7:52am

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