Fog at Shining Rock.
Some days just don't turn out like you originally planned.  The weather forecast called for clear in the morning and rain in the afternoon, so we got up early and headed out for Black Balsam.  Our intent was to hike up Ivestor Gap Trail and head into Shining Rock Wilderness.  As soon as we hit the Parkway, the fog was blanketing the mountains and hung heavy with moisture.  We decided it was temporary and would burn off, so we loaded up the packs and headed out determined to find views galore.  Well - just wasn't happening today!  The fog soon turned into a drizzle and by the time we hit the sign for Shining Rock Wilderness, the only thing we could see was the deep mud puddles and dripping trees.  So, we quickly headed back to the car to replan our strategy for the day.  If you don't like the weather at the top of the mountain - go to the bottom!  So, off to the Pisgah we went and decided to take the Cove Creek to Caney Bottom trails and hit Cove Creek Falls.  And once again, Plan B was perfect - the fog lifted but the cloud cover stayed,  leaving us with perfect weather to shoot waterfalls.  Not only did we find waterfalls, but the shrooms are popping up like ... well, like shrooms in a rainforest.  So, moral of the story - if you don't like where you're at - go somewhere else - it may just be the perfect place.



09/29/2015 9:03pm

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09/12/2017 4:06am

Too bad, the weather didn't become friendly as how you wanted to be. Well, these things happen in reality and you need to do is to accept it. There's always a next time to trek under a good weather. But I am glad to know that despite this bad and foggy weather, you still pushed through with trekking. That led you to have a very unique experience, You see the other beauty of Cove Creek Falls!


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