View from cave area looking onto viewing platform.
When we got up on Sunday, it was another rainy and overcast day, so we decided to hit some waterfalls that we'd visited previously to check out the view with all of the recent water flow.  The first stop was Moore Cove Falls, hoping to hit it before the crowds did and we were in luck.  We had the place to ourselves for quite a long time.  It's remarkable how much an area can change with the weather or the seasons.  While I've been to Moore Cove a number of times, today seemed to give it a special light - with the light rain, pounding water and gray skies, the area seemed softer and refreshed from the rain.  I love revisiting old places in a new light or in a different season.  It opens up an entirely different perspective and seems to create a different way of looking at the world around you.

We had such good luck at Moore Cove, we decided to head out for Slick Rock Falls.  I had been here before and while it was a fine waterfall, I really wasn't overly impressed.  But with all of the rain, once again Mother Nature decided to throw on a sparkly outfit and really dazzle us.  After hanging around for while, we headed over to Loghollow Falls to revisit the two set of falls there.  Once again we were not disappointed there either. 



03/09/2014 4:49pm

I just love waterfalls, nature & photography.
My husband & I are planning a trip to NC this Fall.
You & your husband have given us so many options
that I wanted to know if you could share a couple Must See
waterfalls in the Asheville area or on the way to Asheville from FL.

04/19/2014 8:27pm

That's a hard one and there are so many to see! But I'd recommend Moore Cove Falls in the Pisgah. On the way there, you can stop at Looking Glass Falls. Off the same road, but towards the Fish Hatchery is Daniel Falls - if you go there, make sure you take the stroll down at least part of the Daniel Ridge loop trail. It follows the stream and has some lovely places to rest and reflect. But in the fall make sure you get there early - the crowds can be fairly intense.

08/04/2017 6:44am

Hi, Cheri! You can actually go in New York to experience everything you wanted to experience. Then I am hoping you are going to post your experience there. By the way, Moore Cove is definitely a good place to be at. Even if they went there in a rainy season, the place still looks exceptional and brilliant. The photos are great and gave me the feeling that I wanted to be there!

04/15/2017 7:53am

Wonderful description of the place with beautiful photographs , am so excited to see these photographs . Am also like to travel and explore new worlds ,i like your blog ,which are a good source of information about new places to visit .


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