This year ended just as it began - with a hike through the woods and to the falls we go!  Today's hike was to Twin Falls, the Falls on Avery Creek and finishing off with the falls off the Clawhammer Trail.

We began the hike by way of Buckhorn Gap Trail at around 10:30 in the morning.  The trail is relatively flat and crosses multiple log footbridges (I think I counted 8 on this trail alone with several more on the connecting trails).  The trail to Twin Falls intersects the Buckhorn Gap Trail at around 1.7 miles from the trailhead and continues past the first falls (not Twin Falls - keep going) before coming to a campsite at the base of the actual Twin Falls - each about 50-100 feet tall.  The campsite at the base has a great view of each set and would be quite the spot - but a little too cold for today.

Next we backtracked to the intersection of the Buckhorn Gap Trail and the side trail to Twin Falls, and took Buckhorn Gap Trail to Avery Creek Trail.  We followed Avery Creek Trail a short distance to connect with the Clawhammer Trail.  After following the stream, the trail takes a left away from the stream, and proceeds up the side of the mountain.  Instead of taking the trail, off we went to follow the stream instead, making our own trails in the world.  And to reward us - there were the falls - and not on any official map!  I stayed up top and took a few shots from there, while Rich was more adventurous and climbed down to the bottom for some better shots.  After we'd finished shooting from this vantage point, it was 3:00 and time to head back towards the trailhead.  We went back upstream and caught the Clawhammer trail, taking it back to the Avery Creek Trail.  We followed the Avery Creek Trail until we came to a beautiful waterfall right on Avery Creek.  We scrambled down the bank (this time I went too) and came to our final falls for this year, and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful scene.  We took some shots from the bank, scrambled back up to Avery Creek Trail and headed back to the Forest Service Road.  From there, we hiked a short distance up to the car, making a long loop from the starting point.

All in all a great way to end the year and  what a wonderful and eventful one it's been.  I can't wait for next year and all the years to come.



08/12/2015 3:34am

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08/15/2017 2:24am

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