Today was more adventure.  Rich and I had been really hoping and wishing for snow and we got our wish last night.  We headed out from Hendersonville at around 9:30 AM.  By the time we arrived at the Oconaluftee Visitor Center, the sign in front of the parking lot indicated 441 was closed.  But inside the visitors center, the ranger said it would probably open up by 11:30.  So we jumped back in the car and lined up in front of the Smokemont Campground to wait.  Finally, the gates were opened by 11:50 and off we went in search of white stuff!!!  We were going to make a stop by the Blue Ridge Parkway to walk up a little way and see if there was some accumulation on the trees, but then decided to keep going into the Smokies.  We headed straight for Newfound Gap parking area and BOY did we find snow - maybe a good 3-4 inches of it in some places.  We played around in the snow, and captured some shots of some of the sledders as well.  Once we'd exhausted that area, it was off to Clingman's Dome Road.  We tried to walk far enough ahead that we could lose the footprints, but we never did lose the ski tracks from two men cross country ski-ing up the road.  Oh well, we still got the shots we wanted, and then headed back down the mountain before the roads iced over again.



06/25/2015 4:41am

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07/04/2017 6:38am

Wow! I am so happy that it snowed there again, You were able to do skiing. I know how much you have waited for this moment to happen, and I am just so glad that God heard your request. By reading your post, I felt how happy you were that it finally snowed there in Carolina. Keep on enjoying while it is still there! Take many photos and videos, okay?


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