It's been slow on the hiking side so I've spent some time catching up on documenting some of our past hikes - I've added a couple of hikes we took this summer on the Trail Descriptions page.  It also keeps me dreaming of spring time.

In another month or so, we'll be heading out on our "winter adventures".  Every year, we spend time hiking in Florida, photographing the migrating and wintering birds and soaking up the mild Florida winter sun.  Merritt Island is one of our favorites, so that will be top on our list.  I also hope to do a trip down to the Everglades sometime next year before it starts to heat up again.  But we'll see if I can fit that one on the agenda. 

Until then, have a Happy Thanksgiving and wishing an uneventful travel for all those going to Grandma's house for the holiday!


11/20/2012 12:41pm

Great! Keep going!

09/22/2015 7:55am

really appreciated your work.

11/04/2015 11:26pm

It is new information for me as I have never seen about such topics.

01/21/2016 4:10am

03/28/2016 8:54am

I can't find this couple of hikes we took this summer on the Trail Descriptions page...

05/17/2016 8:15am

If faith in ourselves had been more extensively taught and practiced, I am sure a very large portion of the evils and miseries that we have would have vanished.

06/06/2016 2:52am

I want to join you in your "winter adventures")

06/15/2016 6:46am

I watch a catch up on late night!


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