We had decided to get up early and get to Clingman's Dome for a sunrise.  Well...  we changed our minds once the alarm went off!  So, back to bed until the VERY LATE hour of 8:00 (that's late for us).  We still managed to get there before a lot of the crowds and secured a parking spot near the trail to the Dome.  For this hike, we decided to hike on the Appalachian Trail (or Clingmans Dome Bypass Trail).  The views were supposedly much better and an even bigger benefit was that there were practically no crowds.  During the fall season, it's truly a sport to find places that you can still see a beautiful fall view but not be elbowed and jostled.  We were doing great on that count so far, and this hike was no exception.  It was approximately the same distance from the parking lot to the tower; it seemed to me that the hike was less straight uphill and more enjoyable; and the views were incredible!!  From now on if I go up to the Dome, it will be via the Bypass Trail!!



09/10/2015 12:52am

It is my dream to see Clingmans Dome on own eyes. I saw it first time in some movie (I don't remember movie but picture of this Doom is still in my memory). Do you have photos of it in sunrise? I'm going to mail you asking for advices how to reach it better and what season is the best to attend Clingmans Dome.


I've read in some forums that climbing Clingman's dome is one of the hardest yet most rewarding climbs they've ever had. I haven't been there since I am not into climbing mountains but Clingman's dome was said to be one of the best places you have to be before you die. That sound really interesting! Once I've gain the interest of doing such activity, this will be on my top priority list!

10/31/2017 5:03am

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