For day 2, we started out at Cades Cove to try to get some shots of the houses
and barns in full foliage.  Then it was back to Elkmont for a hike down Jakes
Creek.  Elkmont is the site of an old logging town that was then turned into a
resort town.  Now the area is within the boundaries of the National Park and is
not maintained at this time (although there have been restoration plans
discussed for some of the old houses).  Jakes Creek wanders down a nice, wide
old road and provides glimpses into the town's past.  While exploring within the
homes is definately not allowed (and due to the condition would be very
foolhardy), the outside gives unique glimpses into the lives of the folks that
left this place in order to provide a National Park for generations to come. 
This is the type of trail to wander slowly, pondering the lives that have come
before and to silently acknowledge the sacrificies their families have made for
this park.  The trail begins at the Jakes Creek Trailhead within Elkmont
Campground.  While you can stop at the end of the houses (approximately .3 of a
mile), Jakes Creek Trail continues for a total of 3.3 miles and ends at the

intersection with Panther Creek Trail.  Another option is to take the trail on
to the left at .3 miles for a loop on the Cucumber Gap Trail. Or you can go
right at .4 mile to Meigs Mountain Trail which eventually ends at The Sinks off
of Little River Road.



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