For the the third day of our fall adventure, we decided on two hikes - one to Grotto Falls near Gatlinburg, TN and the second hike to the Walker Sisters homestead on the Metcalf Bottoms Trail.  We got to Grotto Falls quite early and were the first ones at the falls that morning giving us some great opportunities to grab some shots before the crowds began.  Grotto Falls is a nice hike but can get very crowded.  In addition, parking is very limited, so if you do this hike, you'll need to get there early or park somewhere further down the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. 

After the Grotto Falls hike, we went on to Metcalf Bottoms off of Little River Road.  The highlights of this hike are the old one room Schoolhouse (complete with the cemetery in front of the school) and the maintained homestead of the Walker Sisters.  The Walker sisters were five spinsters who lived out their lives on this farm, clinging to traditional ways of their parents.  After the park was formed in the 1930s they obtained a lifetime lease from the NPS (as was typical for most mountains folks of that time) where they lived until the last sister died in 1979. 

If you continue beyond the turn off to the Walker Sisters, the trail continues on as the Little Greenbrier Trail.  We decided to go on that trail, as we heard there were some views to be had.  The trail was a wonderful fall landscape and did provide some glimpses of the bejeweled mountains with her fall colors in brilliant display.



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05/25/2017 8:21pm

Thank you for sharing to us your lovable experience in Grotto Falls and your adventurous day in Metcalf Bottoms. I've never been to these two beautiful places, but been wanting to go there ever since. I know my future experience there would also be a great one and I can't wait for that day to finally happen! For now, I want to inform you that you made me happy because of this post!

10/31/2017 5:04am

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