View from cave area looking onto viewing platform.
When we got up on Sunday, it was another rainy and overcast day, so we decided to hit some waterfalls that we'd visited previously to check out the view with all of the recent water flow.  The first stop was Moore Cove Falls, hoping to hit it before the crowds did and we were in luck.  We had the place to ourselves for quite a long time.  It's remarkable how much an area can change with the weather or the seasons.  While I've been to Moore Cove a number of times, today seemed to give it a special light - with the light rain, pounding water and gray skies, the area seemed softer and refreshed from the rain.  I love revisiting old places in a new light or in a different season.  It opens up an entirely different perspective and seems to create a different way of looking at the world around you.

We had such good luck at Moore Cove, we decided to head out for Slick Rock Falls.  I had been here before and while it was a fine waterfall, I really wasn't overly impressed.  But with all of the rain, once again Mother Nature decided to throw on a sparkly outfit and really dazzle us.  After hanging around for while, we headed over to Loghollow Falls to revisit the two set of falls there.  Once again we were not disappointed there either. 

Fog at Shining Rock.
Some days just don't turn out like you originally planned.  The weather forecast called for clear in the morning and rain in the afternoon, so we got up early and headed out for Black Balsam.  Our intent was to hike up Ivestor Gap Trail and head into Shining Rock Wilderness.  As soon as we hit the Parkway, the fog was blanketing the mountains and hung heavy with moisture.  We decided it was temporary and would burn off, so we loaded up the packs and headed out determined to find views galore.  Well - just wasn't happening today!  The fog soon turned into a drizzle and by the time we hit the sign for Shining Rock Wilderness, the only thing we could see was the deep mud puddles and dripping trees.  So, we quickly headed back to the car to replan our strategy for the day.  If you don't like the weather at the top of the mountain - go to the bottom!  So, off to the Pisgah we went and decided to take the Cove Creek to Caney Bottom trails and hit Cove Creek Falls.  And once again, Plan B was perfect - the fog lifted but the cloud cover stayed,  leaving us with perfect weather to shoot waterfalls.  Not only did we find waterfalls, but the shrooms are popping up like ... well, like shrooms in a rainforest.  So, moral of the story - if you don't like where you're at - go somewhere else - it may just be the perfect place.